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Review of Facilities that Host Swimming Competitions - April 2020
Scottish Swimming - Swimming Committee - would really appreciate your help if you are involved in the organisation of any swimming competitions, and especially if you are a meet convenor, meet organiser, time trial organiser or if you apply for meet licences.
To help us review all the facilities that are used to hold swimming competitions in Scotland,

Please complete this electronic form about the facilities that you host meets in

It will take about 5 minutes. The results of the review will be used to streamline the meet licensing and meet review processes, which we are hoping to manage electronically in the future.
To avoid duplication of effort, a running list of pools that have already had their details submitted can be found here.
If any of the pools that you use, even for small internal club time trials or development meets, are not on this list, then please submit a form for them.
The initial collection of information will close on 30 April. Thereafter the information contained in the list will be shared and you will be invited to submit additional pools or corrections to the information already received, prior to a final closing date.
Thank you in anticipation.
Lynn Alderton Chair - Swimming Committee

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